End-to-End Software Development and Testing using Virtual Prototyping with Virtualized PCIe I/O

Wed, Jul 18, 2018 10:00 AM PDT{LOCAL_TZ}

PCIe is the connectivity technology of choice across a wide range of applications including SSD devices, Multi-function printers and chip-to-chip applications such as Application-Processor to modem connectivity in mobile devices.

We have already seen that virtual prototypes are an invaluable tool in developing the software elements required as part of a PCIe capable device. Early availability of such Virtual Prototypes together with unique controllability and observability of the system operation allow the device software to be developed ahead of hardware availability and tested with full visibility of the hardware software interactions in the system.

With the introduction of Synopsys' PCIe Virtual I/O technology it now becomes possible to take advantage of the virtual prototypes unique debug capabilities with a wider range of software development and testing activities.  PCIe Virtual I/O allows you to connect a virtual prototype of your device to a PCIe based host system implemented as a virtual machine. This virtual machine can be provisioned with the guest OS of your choice which will be able to detect and enumerate your PCIe virtual prototype just as if it was a physical device.

This capability enables the development of host side drivers of your PCIe device and opens up the possibility to develop and run applications that exercise the device on the target OS. It also opens the possibility of end-to-end testing for such systems.

In this webinar, we will show how PCIe Virtual I/O capability can be used with a virtual prototype of an SSD device to create a fully virtual solution for end-to-end software development and test. Based on PCIe benchmark application, we will demonstrate the execution of end-to-end use cases thus improving software stability and test coverage as well as validating overall system architecture. We will also demonstrate the unique debugging capabilities to accelerate software development for complex PCIe devices such as SSDs.

Sam Tennent
Sr. Staff Applications Engineer

Malte Doerper
Product Marketing Manager

Sam Tennent is a Senior Applications Engineering Specialist responsible for definition, realization and deployment of Synopsys’s Virtualizer product. He holds a BSc in Physics from the University of Strathclyde and an MBA from Strathclyde Business School. Sam has over 14 years’ experience in virtual prototyping in and previously managed the DesignWare TLM Library and ARM VDK products. Prior to this Sam accumulated 25 years’ experience both managing and working in embedded software development teams mainly in the telecommunications industry.

Malte Doerper is a Product Marketing Manager in the Synopsys Verification Group and is responsible for driving the virtual prototyping business. Malte has over 15 years’ experiences in all aspects of system-level design ranging from research, engineering, product management and business development. He joined Synopsys through the CoWare acquisition where he led the Japan services practice. Prior to CoWare he worked as researcher at the Institute for Integrated Signal Processing Systems at the Aachen University of Technology, Germany.
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