Secrets from 5 Industries: How to Protect Your Files

Thurs., January 11 at 1:00 PM EST

A movie studio safeguarding their scripts. A bank protecting their customers' personally identifiable information. A health insurer encrypting patient data. What do these companies, from a wide range of industries, have in common? They all have sensitive files that absolutely can't leak - and they're all using BlackBerry Workspaces to protect and collaborate on these documents. Register for the webinar to learn the secrets of protecting sensitive files from these 5 industries: 
  • Media & Entertainment - securing scripts using internal Digital Rights Management
  • Financial Services - shielding PII and complying with regulations
  • Sport & Commercialization - protecting proprietary designs and contracts
  • Government - encrypting files using APIs
  • Healthcare - safeguarding patients' health information
Agustin Burgos
Manager of Technical Support Engineers, Workspaces

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